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  • Orders typically cannot be changed, modified, or canceled after checkout with how quickly we attempt to process & ship packages. If you’ve ordered the wrong size, a duplicate item, or have another concern please reach out ASAP via email to support@averymae.com and we’ll do our best to help before the order is processed and in the hands of USPS.
  • Just like returns, canceled orders are processed back as account credits, not refunds. If you insist on a refund to your original payment method, we deduct 6% from the refund to cover most of our transaction fees.
  • Merchandise may be returned for account credit only within 7 days from the delivery date. The refund will be for the amount paid for the product. Shipping and handling charges will not be refunded. Please reference our full return policy @ Returns.AveryMae.com
  • We can only accept one coupon code per order.
  • If you purchase accessories, use a discount code of 30%+, or purchase FINAL SALE items, or garments priced at $20 or less, they cannot be returned.
  • If you have questions regarding our items prior to placing your order, or are having technical issues with ordering, please email us at support@averymae.com however items in your cart are not guaranteed to still be available.


Our carts are not locked so you can add & remove things as you go. Items are reserved in your cart for 30 minutes unless you remove them. Make sure to preauthorize items on your waitlist that show "sold out" during live sales, this moves you to the top of the waitlist and if one goes unpaid it will automatically charge your account. 60-70% of items are NOT paid for by the first person who claims them. You can view your "expired" items at MyAveryMae.com.


Our carts are not locked so you can add & remove things as you go. Items will stay in your cart for 8 hours unless they sell out or you remove them. We encourage you to periodically remove things from your cart if you find things you like more during Live sales so they can move to the next person on the waitlist.


  • Our Live Sales stream to Facebook & our app simultaneously!
  • Claiming during Live Sales in the App is SO EASY! Comment like normal OR click on the overlay to claim your preferred size/color! If you slide up you'll see the sizing, fit, & material descriptions or tap/slide the numbers to see the most recent items already shown!
  • Shop our entire catalog 24/7 by Collection: New Arrivals, Bargain Rack, Tops, Bottoms, Rompers, etc. (slide the headings to the left to see more options) or Keyword AND sort by size & availability!
  • "New Arrivals" that release in Live sales load to the app catalog around 15 minutes after the video ends.
  • Our system has an automatic waitlist feature that moves items from one cart to the next if removed or expired. You move to the top of the waitlist if you pre-authorize payment with a debit or credit card. Pre-authorizations via PayPal coming soon! (You don't get charged for a pre-authorization until there is an item available & ready to ship for you)
  • Seamlessly check & manage your waitlist items and preauthorize things you NEED with only a couple clicks!
  • ✨Download it Now!


Before attempting to shop on Facebook or preauthorize waitlist items in our mobile app please REGISTER with your CURRENT email address. Bookmark & Favorite this site, it’s where you’ll complete your self-checkout after you claim from a Post or LIVE Sale on Facebook!

  • If you haven’t registered prior to shopping, our automated system by Comment Sold will not give you any claims.

  • You CAN register while we’re LIVE by commenting “register” into the feed. You’ll get a message right away.

  • You HAVE to click on the link then "Login with Facebook" (this is a one time step) Now you’re all set to start claiming items from LIVE Sales, Posts here or preauthorize waitlist items in the app!

✨Buy / Sell Trade Group✨

There is a new Avery Mae Buy/Sell/Trade group! You're welcome to post new or lightly used Avery Mae items. We are not responsible for transactions between customers.



On AveryMae.com & in the Avery Mae app, we have product descriptions "Fit | Feel | Stretch", material, & examples of what Whitney and/or other ladies in our office (Justine, Faith, or Stephanie) would wear in each item.

Our true to size, size up, & size down recommendations for tops are based on the standard women’s size chart: XS 00-2 | S 2-6 | M 8-10 | L 12-14 | XL 16-18 | 1XL 16-18 | 2XL 20-22 | 3XL 24-26

For JEANS if you're unsure of your Judy Blue & KanCan sizes, even sizes from department stores correlate to the odd number in front. Ex: Size 10 = 9/29. We give true to size, size up, or size down recommendations on each style after having several gals try them on. Once you get one pair from us regardless of the brand, you'll be able to compare apples to apples on any other jeans!


Monday through Friday: 8 am to 5 pm


Are BACK! Wednesdays 5pm to 7pm & Fridays 10am to 1pm at the new warehouse 8632 Carter Road in Freeland Michigan!


If you have ANY questions, concerns, or special requests, please reach out to us via EMAIL to support@averymae.com. We attempt to respond to all emails in the same day if they come in before 4pm on a business day. If it’s an overly busy day and we’re not able to, we will get back with you first thing the next business day.

We share the email account so both of us and our assistant(s) can all be on the same page in our communications. Please DO NOT send us a personal message on Facebook, comment on a post, or try to create a post in the group with problems or questions. We receive so many notifications that not all comments are seen.


We typically have 5-6 LIVE sales per week! Our “typical” schedule (times in ET):

Live Sales: Tue, Wed, & Thu. @ 7pm ET | Fri. @ 9:30am | We’re also live at least a couple other times during the day throughout the week!

Boxes of new inventory every sale! Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday nights typically have 30-40 NEW Styles!

"Shop the Look" Outfits are exclusively loaded to the Avery Mae app, turn on your notifications so you don't miss out!


App Notifications:

  • In the bottom right-hand corner: tap "Account", tap "Notifications", then "Toggle On"

Free Text Alerts

  • We send a direct link to our Live Sales or directly to AveryMae.com after restocks!

  • Visit OKeefeTexts.com and check what you'd like to be notified for and click "sign up now".



1. REGISTER (details above)

2. How to Claim: In the app, you simply click on the item, your size/color, & add to cart! Here you must comment based on what the overlay at the top of the screen shows with Sold, the #, the size, and/or the color (when applicable). Capitalization doesn’t matter but you must have a space between each portion of the claim. You must submit separate claims for multiple items or sizes.

  • -✅Examples✅: Sold 943 Large Blue / sold 943 large blue

  • -Incorrect examples: sold943 blue L / sold 943bluelarge

3. Confirmation: You will receive a message and/or email confirming the item was added to your cart, is available to be added to your waitlist, or that you mistyped the claim.

4. Cart Maintenance: If you have claimed more than you will end up purchasing please regularly remove the unwanted items so they can move to the next person on the waitlist. If you realize you accidentally claimed an item more than once or in an incorrect size, please remove them from your cart. You can modify or remove the items in your cart at any time during or after the LIVE sale in the Avery Mae app or at MyAveryMae.com.

5. Checkout: You can continue to shop the video or checkout whenever you’re ready via PayPal or debit/credit card within 8 hours. (Invoices will not be closed between 11pm & 7am but the timer is still active)

  • If you missed any part of a LIVE sale and would like to see what’s available you can visit MyAveryMae.com once the sale is over to see what items were shown and still available.

6. Waitlist: If an item sold out prior to your claim you’ll receive a message giving you the option to add it to your waitlist. This DOES NOT bind you to purchase the item once available. You will simply be notified once the item is available after another customer removes it from their cart OR we receive another shipment! You can view, remove, & edit your Waitlisted items at MyAveryMae.com, select an item and then “click here to be first on the waitlist” to pre-authorize payment for an item. If this happens you’ll be first in line when items become available!

7. 24-Hour Bonus: After you’ve paid for an order through MyAveryMae.com, you’ll have FREE Shipping on any additional orders for the next 24-hours, so feel free to browse or set those waitlist items to “pre-authorize”! (This is not a feature for AveryMae.com)


Do you ever have a LAG? If you are NEVER first on items you want or people seem to be claiming items before you even see the number, you're lagging.

➡️ For the best connection & video quality, shop Live Sales on our app Avery Mae. But first, close all programs running in the background & ensure your phone has adequate storage space.

➡️ For the best connection join the video directly through the link on the business page or our free texts at the start via OKeefeTexts.com  (NOT in the group). Click here ShopWithTheOKeefes.biz then Like, Follow, & choose "show first" to be notified when we go live.

➡️ If using Wi-Fi, prior to the sale unplug the power from your router & modem for at least 30 seconds then plug it back in.

➡️ Other Wi-Fi tips, turn Wi-Fi off/on from your device (phone, computer or tablet) or remove your Wi-Fi network then reconnect to it.

➡️ If you can’t get in the video, it’s buffering, or lagging excessively (people are claiming items before you see the number) check to see if there is a software update for Facebook (App Store - Apple or Google Play Store - Android). If there isn’t an update try to close out of all programs then power your phone/tablet off and back on before trying to reconnect.

➡️ If you are using your cell phone provider’s internet connection try doing a profile or PRL update to improve your signal strength or connect to a reliable Wi-Fi network. (Apple ##873283# then call, for Android go through system updates. Verizon shortcut *228 call & Sprint ##72786# call)


- Please always show patience and courtesy to us and other customers as you would like shown to yourself. We do not tolerate any harassment or negativity in our awesome Community

- No soliciting, we have zero-tolerance for people talking about or promoting other businesses, boutiques, or competitors within the group or during live sales. 


- We only ship to addresses in the U.S. and we CAN ship to Canada but you have to cover 75% of the shipping costs. Just place your order then send us an email & we'll invoice you for the difference after we check the actual postage cost. There is NEVER free shipping to Canada. We have recently signed an updated agreement with UPS so these rates are a lot more reasonable than we had in the past, please send us an email to support@averymae.com for a shipping quote if interested.

- U.S. Shipping: $6 for 1 item, $8 for 2+, & FREE on orders $150 or more! (Under 1lb via USPS First Class & 1lb+ via USPS Priority, some larger orders may ship via UPS Ground or Surepost) (Plus you get free shipping for 24 hours after any purchase!)

- Carts/Orders are combined from Facebook, our App, and the Website AveryMae.com for shipping costs.

- We primarily ship via USPS, larger orders may ship via FedEx or UPS Ground.

- Transit times will vary depending on the distance and day of the week the order is received.

- We process & ship most orders within 1-3 business days!

- If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed a couple of days. In these cases, we will make an announcement here in the group.

- For more complete shipping details please visit Shipping.AveryMae.com.


-During every Live Sale we pick several people to win $10 Cart Credits who Love, Share, & Comment “#AveryMae” at the beginning of the video. We also pick a few winners during most sales who checkout DURING the video, come back, and comment #Paid to win $10 Cart Credits towards future orders.

-Before every Live Sale, we have an “engagement” post in our Facebook VIP Group ShopWithTheOKeefes.com where if you comment on it you’ll have a chance to win Avery Mae Cart Credits or Gift Cards! (We post all group Giveaways & Freebies once every 2-4 weeks)


- Due to our limited quantities and high demand for our products, we are unable to offer exchanges on any items. Qualifying returned merchandise will be processed as account credits only.

- If you aren’t happy with your item(s) we’d love to fix it! Please ensure you've read & understand our policies at Returns.AveryMae.com and you’ve sent us an email to support@averymae.com.


  • Bralettes

  • Custom Items

  • Holiday Items

  • Mystery Orders

  • Accessories (including Tote Bags, Hats, Jewelry, Purses, Sunglasses, Hair Accessories, Belts, Scarves, etc.)

  • Food

  • Items discounted 30% off or more, including but not limited to items marked “FINAL SALE”, “End of Season”, “Bargain Bin”, and orders with coupons used.

❤️❤️ Thank you all again for your support! ❤️❤️