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About Us

We are a family-owned boutique from Michigan. Our journey of online boutique management started in November of 2016. Whitney has always had an eye for fashion & fell in love immediately! In March 2017, we had our beautiful daughter Karly and Whitney has been full-time ever since! In March of 2018, Jeremy was able to go full-time too! Our adorable son Easton was just born in February of 2019! Our priorities are our family and serving you awesome ladies! Over the years we’ve fulfilled over 60,000 orders to over 15,000 satisfied customers from all over the US! Our boutique has now grown to support six additional employees.

In September 2019, we made the decision to launch our own independent boutique Avery Mae! We travel to enormous fashion expos in Atlanta, Las Vegas, & Dallas and directly to manufacturers in Los Angeles in order to source products from only the best sources. We ensure to check the material quality, feel, & fit of everything we curate for our customers! Our intentions are to consistently source on-trend seasonal clothing and fashion accessories for women & children making us your one-stop-shop. Whether you prefer to shop LIVE Sales in our mobile app Avery Mae (Apple or Android) or on Facebook Facebook.AveryMae.com or you prefer to shop Album/Catalog style here or our app, we’ll have everything you need! If you ever have any problems or questions please don't hesitate to email us at support@averymae.com!